A puppy, a border and a lot of waiting…

A lack of data on my phone prevented me to post updates the last days. But I still have the intention to give you a daily update this year.

This is what you missed: three days ago, I saw the cutest puppy in the desert.

This adorable little animal seemed a little lost. After I gave it some water, he became my best friend. And although I’m not the most reliable person to keep a pet, but I felt a kind of father instinct… especially since this little monster fits right in my front basket. Luckily I saw a military post about kilometre further. And apparently this was my puppy’s home. He went for a walk and he couldn’t find his way back.

The next day I cycled towards the Mauritanian border. There was a strong headwind, so I couldn’t cross it the same day. The border is only open from 9 till 5, so the plan was to cross the border at nine, cycle to Nouadhibou (60-70 kilometres) and get some cash, food and a comfortable place to sleep. I camped in front of the border in a quiet dirty corner. Not the most amazing place to spend my birthday, but it didn’t matter that much.

Next day: border crossing. I was eager to arrive early. While my companions were still waking up, I was waiting for the border to open. I wanted to arrive in Nouadhibou. After the Moroccan border control, I had an adventurous trip trough no mans land. First there was a paved part, closer to the Mauritanian border it was something you can’t even call a track.

I was the first one that day to arrive at the Mauritanian side. I just needed to get my visa. Two hours later, the man who was supposed to make de visas finally arrived. Meanwhile, the other cyclists had arrived as well, so I rushed for nothing. An other 2 hours later I crossed the border.

When I arrived in Nouadhibou, I had to withdrawal some money. It wasn’t my lucky day… the machine swallowed my card. There was a security guard in front of the bank, and he told me to come back the next day. They couldn’t do anything, because it was Sunday. But I wasn’t going to leave the place without my card. When the guy realised I was serious about not leaving the place, and even spend the night there if I had to, he started making a lot of phone calls. Result: two hours later, I left WITH my card. I found the other cyclists, had food, and it all ended well.

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