Fifty shades of Sahara

Hello again!

I’m 177 kilometres away from the Mauritanian border. Two – three more days before the crossing.

I’ve spend some time in the desert now. And I must say… It’s not always what I expected. I thought it would be a dry area, without any vegetation. In fact, there are plenty of plants, in many different colours. The scenery is amazing. Someone told me there was some rain over here about a month ago. Maybe that’s why everything is so colourful. I haven’t seen a lot of dunes here, but there’s plenty of amazing rock formations here.

Tonight I’m sleeping next to a road restaurant. Very welcoming people here!

1 thought on “Fifty shades of Sahara

  1. Interesting. I don’t know it, but assume that along the coast is not the real Sahara desert. Nevertheless, from my youth I remember a movie “Die Wüste lebt” (The desert is alive), with lots of plants and animals, though mostly small ones. Enjoy your trip!

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