The beaches of the Sahara

I’m a lucky cyclist. It’s the second day in a row to find a place to sleep on the beach. 2019 couldn’t start better. Yesterday I only cycled around 25 kilometres, out of Dakhla, but still on the peninsula. It was a kind of free camping, controlled by the army. The place was filled with motorhomes, but there was still enough space for 3 more tents.

Today, after about 65 kilometres, we found an other beach. So we decided to stay there. Beaches are quite rare here in Western Sahara. Sea and land are separated by cliffs and there’s almost no access to the sea. That’s why it’s so great to finally find a beach.

If anyone would be concerned about my safety… the moment I entered the beach, a soldier of the Navy assured us this was a safe place to camp. He just took a picture of my passport… big brother is still watching over me…

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