Get your postcard!

The first ones are on their way! As mentioned in my last post, I’m sending out postcards. If you want to add a postcard to your Christmas card collection, and help me support my cycling trip at the same time, here’s your chance! This is how it works: for 5 euro, I’ll send you a personal hand written card. The only thing you have to do is transfer 5 euro per postcard to Mathias Lebbe, BE65 3800 1078 8996, BIC BBRUBEBB. Write your address as a comment and your card will be on its way!

Thanks for the support!

3 thoughts on “Get your postcard!

  1. Souad EL AZZOUZI
    79 rue Camille Desmoulins
    44300 NANTES
    Can I get one from Senegal ?? ☺
    I will do the transfer once I get home tonight
    Take care !!

    1. Yes of course! Merci beaucoup xx

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