After spending some days in a more ‘rural’ part of Morocco, the contrast with Rabat couldn’t be bigger. Although it has a traditional medina like most of the Moroccan cities, it is a very modern city. It’s a multicultural place. It’s home for people from all over the world. You’re not treated as a tourist if you walk trough the medina. You feel like you really belong there. Nobody is after your money in a way some people are in more touristic places. You see women wearing hijabs, as muchas you see women who don’t. The most exciting part of the city is the Kasbah, and in this case it’s not just a castle, but also a small city inside of the city. There are a few bars in Rabat where you can get a beer, and unlike what most of the people would expect, also women go there. Even when they’re not accompanied by men. This is not very common elsewhere in Morocco. A lot of people are wondering if Morocco is safe for a female solo traveler. I don’t know about the whole country, but I’m quite sure Rabat is.

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