See you later, Andalucia!

My amazing travel job adventures were over, so it was time to move on… destination: Morocco. Granada was getting cold. Time to go back to the coast! The first day I cycled to Motril, a coastal city 75k from Granada. After 3 months of almost no activity, except for drinking beer, eating tapas and the occasional hike, I was expecting the worst. The road wasn’t flat, but most of the parts were downhill. I managed easily. At my left had side, there was already quite some snow on the tops of the Sierra Nevada. There’s a recent new highway from Granada to Motril, so the old road was completely mine. Perfect first day on the road!

I arrived in Motril. Motril is quite an industrial city, but not touristic at all. It’s a completely spanish city at the coast of Andalucia. And basically the last one I saw.

Next day: Motril to Nerja. This was a shorter ride, but one with a lot more uphill parts than my first day. Nerja is a nice city, but, like most of the Andalusian coast, filled with a lot of modern real-estate projects.

After Nerja the route became more flat. Quick stop in Malaga, Estepona and Gibraltar, and I arrived in Algeciras. I took the ferry to Ceuta. The African adventure begins here!

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