Come and ride with me!


I started my cycling trip to Senegal as a solo project. I’m in Morocco now and soon I will cross the Sahara (Western Sahara and Mauritania). If anyone is cycling the same way, let me know. The desert is quite lonely and I wouldn’t mind some company there. Feel free to share this message! Everyone with a bicycle is welcome to join.

3 thoughts on “Come and ride with me!

  1. Good luck, enjoy! Keep your hat on in the Sahara, haha. I am looking forward to your next report with lots of pictures.

  2. Where are u exactly ? Safe trip ! Take the coast road ..i share ure post maybe u find a partner ?

    1. Hi Aziz. Thank you. I’m in Chefchaouen now, so it will take me a couple of days before reaching the coast. I’m heading towards Rabat tomorrow, and then I’ll follow the Atlantic coast.

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