5 reasons to visit Granada

Next week I’m back on the road. I have spent the last three months in Granada, and it has been amazing. Granada is a city everyone should visit once in their lives, and here’s why:

1. Alhambra

The Alhambra is a stunning piece of architecture. The Arabic palace is the symbol of Granada. It’s one of the most visited monuments in Spain. the main attractions are the Nazaries Palace, that’s the main palace, and the Generalife, the summer palace with its gardens. The full ticket to visit the Alhambra costs around 14 euro. This allows you to visit everything. You have a full day to visit everything, but the time to visit the Nazaries Palace is limited. Make sure to make your reservation online! while making the reservation, you need to chose between the available hours to visit the palace. If you want to visit the Alhambra without the Nazaries Palace you pay around 7 euro.

Booking your Alhambra ticket can be quite a challenge. The only correct website to book your tickets is this one: https://tickets.alhambra-patronato.es/en/ . If you’re not able to book your tickets, you can always take a guided tour, but you will pay a lot. If you’re looking for tickets, you might find it fully booked for the next three months. Don’t panic! On different times of the day, some tickets become available for the next days. You need to refresh a lot, but most of the times you’ll be able to book your ticket.

2. Albaicin

The Albaicin is the old Arabic neighbourhood of Granada, and it’s also the area where the hostel I spent 3 months in is located. It’s an area full of narrow streets and stairs. It’s not the most wheelchair accessible area of Granada, but it’s an incredibly charming area. In the lower parts of Albaicin you’ll find a lot of Arabic stores and Restaurants. Further up you’ll find the Mirador San Nicolas. From there you have an amazing view over the Alhambra. If you’re lucky you’ll find some people playing Flamenco over there. Albaicin is the perfect area to walk around and to get lost. Don’t worry about getting lost, you’ll find your way back when you go back down.

3. Sacromonte

Next to the Albaicin you’ll find Sacromonte. In and around Sacromomte you’ll find a lot of caves. In some of the caves you can enjoy Flamenco shows. you’ll pay quite a bit of money, but it’s a nice experience. Further away from the city there are more ‘basic’ caves. A lot of people live in caves in Granada. You can basically live for free in Granada: find yourself a cave, decorate it and you have a house. That’s a reason why Granada is popular among hippies. Funny story: Once we were out for drinks, and one ‘cave man’ was thirsty as well that night, so he went to the bar accompanied by his sheep and his dog. The sheep was attached to the dog, and they were waiting outside. Later that night we went to an other bar, and when we came out, we found the same sheep and dog waiting for their master. We went to the club and coming out of the club we saw them again. I guess Granada is the only city where it’s normal to take your sheep to the pubs.

In Sacromonte you’ll find the highest viewing point of Granada. It’s called Mirador San Miguel Alto, and from there you can see the whole city. It’s the perfect location to see the sunset over Granada.

If you don’t mind walking for a bit, walk to the abby of Sacramonte. It’s a misterious location, but you can only visit it with a guide. Even if you don’t visit the inside, the outside is stunning as well.

4. Sierra Nevada

Granada is located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains. The closest place from Granada to go hiking is Monachil. From Granada you can take a bus to go there. If you would want to visit it with a guide, I can recomend you Michael. On his website, www.badassgranada.com , you can find all kinds of tours in and around Granada. Michael organises the tours for the hostel as well, so If you stay in Granada, make sure to pick Oasis Backpackers as your accommodation.

Further away from the city there are more places from where you can go hiking. From Capileira for example you can climb Mulhacén, the highest peak of Spain.

5. Tapas

There are so many reasons to come and visit Granada, but there’s one good reason to stay: Tapas. With every drink you order here, you get some food. And by food I really mean FOOD, much more than some crackers and olives. In Granada you get a mini-meal with every drink you order. In some places you can chose your tapa, and in other places you get something random. I like both of the options. Most of the time, a small beer (una caña) will cost you two euros, and it comes with some free food. The most famous tapas places are Poe, La Rivièra and Los Diamantes. My personal favorites are Babel and El Bar De Fede. In Babel you can chose your delicious world infusion tapa. In El Bar de Fede you can’t chose, but you always get something amazing. Just order your drinks and be surprised! Another reason to visit this place is the service, which is without doubt the best service of Granada.

3 thoughts on “5 reasons to visit Granada

  1. Great, good photos, good information, want to go there 🙂
    If you post chapter by chapter each in a post, we get something to read/see more often (and you get more clicks).
    When will you start your Africa trip?

    1. Next week! I had a lazy 3 months but I’m getting back there!

      1. Good luck, enjoy, and take care of yourself!

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