The Loire and the Ocean

I’m already a few hundredths of kilometres further away now, and I failed to give you the updates in time, but here it is.

When I arrived in Angers, the weather got better. Finally. The sun became my companion, and the Loire became my view. The river was still suffering from the enormous amount of rain the country had to cope with the previous days. Some of the cycling lanes were still a part of the river, so I had to make some detours.

When the road was accessible, it was beautiful. The route along the Loire is a part of the Eurovelo 6 route, a cycling route linking the Atlantic Ocean with the Black Sea. When I cycled to Istanbul, I followed an other part of this route, the one along the Danube. But let’s talk about the Loire here. Between Angers and Nantes, it’s a wild and wide river, with some islands in the middle of it.

Most of the area around it was quite rural. To my surprise, I found a little pub/museum on my way that was dedicated to Lenin. On a place you would never suspect something like that.

The river brought me to Nantes. I wrote more about Nantes in an other post. That’s right, Nantes was worth an entire article.

Next: the ocean. A brand new bicycle brought me towards Saint-Jean-de-Monts. From there the road continued towards La Rochelle: an idyllic place along the Atlantic ocean.

I moved further down South towards the Gironde, and I arrived in the Medoc, one of the wine regions around Bordeaux. Being surrounded by vineyards, I kept on thinking about the amazing taste a glass of red wine has. I didn’t stop to visit the chateaux though… cycling in this heat wouldn’t have been easy being intoxicated.

I continued towards Bordeaux, to visit the city, and to taste some of the wine at last.

In the next blog post I’m crossing from the Atlantic side of France to the Mediterranean sea. It’s coming very soon.

To the Facebook followers: feel free to like my new page, ‘The Bicycle Kitchen’. More info is coming, but I can tell you this already: it’s about food.

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