Saint-Valery-Sur-Somme and Dieppe


I was hoping to kayak from Abbeville to Saint-Valery-Sur-Somme, but the weather didn’t allow me to. The ride from Abbeville was about 20 k so I didn’t get tired that day. I arrived in a beautiful little village in the ‘Baie de Somme’, the river mouth of the Somme.


The most interesting part of Saint-Valery is the midieval city, where Joan of Arc has been helt prisoner in 1431.


The village, filled with wild flowers has something romantic, altough it’s too small to spend a week. If it’s on your way, it’s definitely worth a visit.




Next to the medieval city there’s the river mouth, the beach and there should be an old little train running between the cities from the bay. I didn’t see the last one.




After cycling 60 k without painful knees (woohoo!!) I reached my first destination in Normandy: Dieppe. Some interesting facts: There is a ferry connection between Dieppe and Newhaven in England, and there’s some war history you need to know.

Dieppe was liberated from the Nazi’s by Canedian forces, but before the liberation, on August 19 1942, Canadian forces already made an attempt to occupy the city. They failed, 904 Canadian soldiers died and over 1900 got captured by the German army.



But the most interesting part of Dieppe was meeting Antoine, my host on Couchsurfing. He has a store in the pedestrian zone of the city, called Les 3 Conserveries. If you plan to visit Dieppe, make sure to pop in! In the store you will find local specialities, and the conserved food is made by Antoine’s father. It’s also the place to be if you want to purchase some local beers. And the best part is: there are plenty of specialities you can try in the shop.


Dieppe is a nice city to visit. If you climb to the castle you have a nice view over the city. And then there’s the beach and the cosy streets. And behind the castle there are some nice hiking trails.






Stay tuned for more updates!

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