My first post…


My name is Matti. I’m from Bruges. That’s the most beautiful city in Belgium. In a few weeks I will start cycling and kayaking to Dakar. I will keep you updated.

This is how I transported my self during my last trip, when I was cycling to Istanbul:



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This picture was taken in Serbia, along the banks of the Danube. This time I’m taking my inflatable kayak as well.


… And this is me.


This is the first blog I ever made. It may seem a little clumsy.

6 thoughts on “My first post…

  1. goeie reis gewenst van papa en mama! dikke kus ! xxxx

  2. Tom Delbecque May 14, 2018 — 9:06 am

    Maak er een onvergetelijk avontuur van. YO to the LO! Neef Tom

  3. liendelbecque May 17, 2018 — 7:26 am

    Succes neefke!!!! We volgen je van dichtbij!!! Lien

  4. Succes neefke! We volgen je van dichtbij!!! Lien

  5. Véél succes neefke! We volgen je van dichtbij!! Lien

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